What is twisted type knotless MUKETSU net?
What is twisted type knotless MUKETSU net?
What is the twisted type knotless"MUKETSU"net?
Twisted type Knotless "MUKETSU"net is made of twisted twine composed of two strands
and each strand runs through the other twine to make meshes without making knots.
This"MUKETSU"net is being used for Purse Seine more than 90% in Japan."MUKETSU"net is becoming the most popular net of Trawl and Fish farming in fishery of Japan instead of Raschel net.


"MUKETSU"net has some advantages compared with the Raschel net.

2 strands of twisted
2 strands of twisted
Type knotless"MUKETSU" net
4 strands of braided
4 strands of braided
Type knotless net
1.The strength in the vertical direction and in horizontal of"MUKETSU"net is almost equal.
On the other hand, the strength of Raschel net is weaker than that of"MUKETSU"net,
in addition, its strength in horizontal is only 65-85% in the vertical direction.
The Raschel net is unstable in strength.

2.Even if single yarn of Raschel net is worn out, this "worn out"causes successive
breakage of the net because it is knotted in the composition similar to lady's stockings.
But this is not case with our"MUKETSU"net because many yarns are twisted to its meshes.

3.The weight of"MUKETSU"net is less than that of Raschel net.
Therefore, you can load more"MUKETSU"net than Raschel net into the same ship
and you can use by the same number of fisherman.


"MUKETSU "net has also various advantages compared with English knotted nets.

1.Less weight and Bulk
2.Higher strength
3.Less resistance in water
4.Easier to handle(Less friction)
5.Less labour and smaller tackle required
6.No wearing away of knots
7.No damage to catch the fish
8.Constant mesh size
9.Easy to dye
10.Less liable to fouling